diving duck and submerged wellies

explore. create. act.

Three words that encapsulate the flow of our engagement approach.



the Signal
the Noise


what we need to accomplish
(not ‘do’)


fresh perspective
and new solutions


culturally relevant, change-oriented frameworks


metrics, milestones and commitments

Our success relies on being an integral part of the team, not acting as disconnected observers like most consulting engagements.


Our four tenets of a great relationship:



Simon Sinek calls it the “Why.” It’s the reason you get up in the morning and it’s the thing that drives you beyond the financial success.  We will use this True North as the center of all we do.


We are not the expert in your business. We are experts in asking the questions and driving the conversations to get your experts to a new place of insight and ideation.


Plans and strategies are only as good as the execution against them. We will work together to build understandable Objectives and Key Results from which priorities, initiatives, clear KPIs, and specific timing can be created. All our decisions will be driven by “will this move us forward?”


A very good friend (and successful CEO) lives by the truth “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.” While many consultations stop at external strategy, our collaborative solution design will include actions to ensure adoption by the entire organization as well.